Remapping Debate is still hiring

| By Remapping Debate

Who are we looking for?

Reporters who want to do serious, high-quality, non-partisan, long-form journalism. Reporters who are highly analytical. Reporters who write with clarity and precision. Reporters who are not afraid of asking hard questions. Reporters who think that it is worth the time to research. Reporters who believe that context is important. Reporters who don’t need to be beloved of the people about whom they are reporting.

We will also have freelance assignments that emerge from time to time (original reporting, photo essays, the occasional book review). For freelancers, we’re looking for the same qualities as for full-time staff.

What kind of environment do we provide?

That of a financially stable non-for-profit employer. An environment where excellence is demanded and seriousness rewarded. A home for thoughtful writers and thoughtful readers, operating at a fast but sustainable pace, and not wasting time with shallow, clever, continuous, debilitating short posts.

How much?

The starting salary is from $70,000 to $100,000 (Senior Staff Reporter), and $40,000 to $55,000 (Staff Reporter). Good employer-paid health insurance is also provided for full-time staff. Freelance rates are arranged on a case-by-case basis.


These positions are available immediately.

How do you apply?

For prospective full-time Senior Staff Reporters and Staff Reporters: (1) provide your analysis of the role that underlying assumptions play in constricting and concealing fundamental decisions about the direction of public policy; (2) articulate your vision of the role Remapping Debate can play; (3) set forth your hard news reporting experience, including your experience doing investigative reporting; (4) include a set of relevant clips; and (5) explain why we would be able to count on you to view this start-up effort as a long-term opportunity.

For prospective freelancers (reporters, photojournalists, and others): (1) describe your interest in Remapping Debate with specificity; (2) include (preferably by link) a sample or samples of representative work; and (3) provide, in strictest confidence, your compensation requirements.

If interested in working at Remapping Debate in any capacity, kindly apply by using the web form at the right of this page and not by any other means.

Thank you.

Remapping Debate is an equal opportunity employer committed to following all federal, state, and local equal employment laws. We affirmatively encourage applications from journalists who are members of one or more protected class groups that have traditionally been under-represented in the news business.


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