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By Samantha Cook, By Meade Klingensmith, By Mike Alberti | Corporations
Data visualizations show median, highest, and individual director pay; reveal change over time; and rank companies. Some increases more than 200 percent; some decreases more than 40 percent. 12 companies with highest independent director pay of at least $400,000. More
Poverty, State government
The maximum value of public assistance benefits has fallen dramatically in every state between 1970 and 2011 for families of three, both in absolute dollars and as a percentage of the federal poverty guidelines. More
By Meade Klingensmith, By Mike Alberti | Law, Politics
New tools allow easy access to and filtering of 12 years of data. How long did George W. Bush take to nominate? President Obama? For the Senate to act? More
By Samantha Cook | Role of government
When adjusted for inflation and population, per capita funding in 2011 down 33 percent from 1983. More
By Meade Klingensmith | Civil rights, Education
New data viz examines frequency of optional graduation ceremonies at flagship public universities, and “top 25” colleges and universities. More
By Samantha Cook | Open government
In part 3 of our collaboration with the Center for Responsive Politics, we document that 17 of the 30 ex-members of the 112th Congress we've tracked down so far have taken positions with employers that are or have been lobbyists or lobbying clients. More
By Samantha Cook | Open government
More than three dozen staffers for new members of Congress had at some previous point been associated with organizations that engaged in lobbying or were lobbying clients. Some came to the Hill directly from the lobbying entity. More
By Samantha Cook | Open government
Are they working for employers that are lobbying firms or lobbying clients? More